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Grains and pulses in Belarus will need to remove from more than 2.2 million hectares
The Ministry of agriculture and food of Belarus approved the working plan on carrying out harvesting of grain and leguminous crops in 2019.
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The document is available on the official website of the Ministry.

According to the plan, grains and legumes (excluding corn) in 2019 in the agricultural organizations of the Republic will have to remove more than 2.2 million ha (11% higher than last year),including rye with 328,5 thousand hectares, wheat – 668,7 thousand, thousand -459,6 triticale, barley – 410 thousand, oats – 181.9 thousand, millet – 10 thousand, buckwheat – 11.8 thousand, bean – 201,5 hectares.

In addition, subject cleaning 23 thousand hectares of potatoes, 416,3 thousand hectares of rapeseed and colza, 93.6 thousand hectares of sugar beet, 51,1 thousand hectares of flax, RUB 253.2 thousand hectares of grain maize.

The volume of grain purchases for the state needs for 2019 should be 815 thousand tons, sugar beet - 2 million 85 thousand tons of malting barley - 84,2 thousand tons. of rapeseed - 200 thousand tons of flax fiber – 18,1 thousand tons.

Based on the planned harvesting areas of grains and the availability of technology, the load on the combine harvester 1 would amount to 256 thousand hectares, at harvest of oilseed rape and colza - 88 ha.

According to the Ministry of agriculture, for the harvest has 2577 units of grain cleaning and drying complexes and over 1.3 million free-standing dryers. Their total capacity amounts to 631 thousand tons of grain per day (full day planned in recent years, 375 thousand tons).

According to estimates of the Ministry of agriculture, the demand for diesel fuel during the harvesting of grain and leguminous crops (July-September) is 263,3 thousand tons, petrol - 17 thousand tons, motor oil - 10,6 thousand tons of furnace oil – 14.5 thousand tons. Required to purchase it Br543,9 million

The security of the agricultural organizations of the Republic of machine staff on the eve of the harvest amounts to more than 34 thousand people, or 88% of the demand. To meet the full requirements will be further raised for cleaning work of industrial enterprises, educational institutions and other works in the farms of about 4.8 thousand machine operators.

As reported in the agricultural enterprises and farms of Belarus in 2019 planned to produce 8.5 million tons of grain, 5 million tons of sugar beet, 0.7 mln tonnes of rapeseed, of 1.16 million tons of potatoes, 640 thousand tons, 180 thousand tons of fruits and berries, 180 thousand tons of flax.

At the same time, because of the drought in may-June, possible adjustments in these plans.

New crop the Ministry of agriculture has not yet been announced.




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