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Krasnoyarsk farmers expect production growth of 23%
The volume of production of agriculture in Krasnoyarsk region it is planned to increase by 2022 by 23 percent to 161 billion rubles. "the Production of livestock and poultry will increase by 9%, milk — about 6%, eggs — by 4%. This will be possible thanks to the implementation of investment projects",— said the head of the regional Ministry of agriculture Leonid Shorohov.
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According to the Minister, the index of food production in 2022 will amount to 100.9%. In particular, 3% predict an increase in meat production 1.3%, sausage products, 2% meat and offal of poultry, 12% flour and mixtures of grain crops.

Currently, the agro-industrial complex of the Krasnoyarsk region implemented 21 projects with a total investment of RUB 6.8 bn.

Among the largest project of JSC "Siberia-1", which involves the construction until 2021 livestock complex in Synborski for milk production for 2010 goals, and a farm Natalia Zubareva building dairy complex 3 180 cows with a full cycle of reproduction of the herd and fattening calves to cold conditions. From 2019 to 2031, the year the region plans to implement 75 projects in agriculture with a total investment of 61.3 per billion.





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