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In the Urals, cheaper meat, potatoes and sugar
In the Urals Federal district's annual food inflation in October 2019 fell to 3.7%.
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Namely 0.3% compared with September, reported the correspondent of IA REGNUM in the press service of the Ural main branch of the Central Bank of Russia.

Continued decline in the value of meat due to the lower selling prices of pork producers. In this segment, supply exceeds demand. It is noted that manufacturers are increasing their export capacity for the production of pork and chicken, but are having difficulty with the veterinary documents in accordance with the requirements of importing countries. The internal market is not ready to consume so much meat.


Increased yields of sugar beet. As a result, in October the price of sugar in the Urals, fell 16%. Similar situation with potatoes. In the Sverdlovsk region, the price decreased by 10%.


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