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Grain harvesting is completed in the Ulyanovsk region
Farmers intensified harvesting of spring wheat, buckwheat, sunflower, sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables
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In the Ulyanovsk region completed grain harvesting. Currently, the crop harvested 98.6% of the areas, have informed IA REGNUM in the press service of the head region.

According to the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of the Ulyanovsk region, grains and legumes in the region removed from 581 thousand hectares, accounting for 98.6% of the plan. Gross harvest amounted to 1 012 241 tons with an average yield of 21.3 C/ha. According to the head of the Ulyanovsk farmers Michael Semenkina, the rate of harvesting, the region ranks second in the Volga Federal district.

Agrarians harvested spring wheat, buckwheat, sunflower, sugar beet, potatoes and vegetables. Spring wheat harvested with 112 157 hectares (or 99.1% of the plan), the gross yield was 195 188 tons with an average yield of 17.4 t/ha. Buckwheat harvested 3 491 hectares (60,4% of the plan), the gross harvest amounted to 2 540 tons with an average yield of 7.3 t/ha. maintenance cultures completed in the area of 42 437 hectares, accounting for 16.9% of the plan.

Sunflower harvested from 6 758 hectares, consists of 12 060 tons with an average yield of 17.8 t/ha. Gross harvest of sugar beet amounted to 52 711 tons at harvest 2 119 hectares, yield — 248,8 kg/ha. Potatoes cleaned with 999,4 hectares, collected 16 964 tons, the yield of 169.7 kg/ha. Also continues to forage, completed sowing of winter crops.

Note, in the regional budget for the year 2018 for the implementation of the state program of agricultural development provided 947,5 million rubles, which is 2.3 times more than in 2017.



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