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Analysts of a network of BILLA supermarkets found that buying on the eve of Easter
On the eve of Easter, analysts of the supermarket chain BILLA has studied the demand for Easter goods and found out how much cakes, eggs and Cahors gain in the period the main Christian holiday.
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Thus, in the period of Easter in the BILLA supermarkets sold about 2 tons of cakes, and the demand for eggs on Easter week increased by 180% compared with Ferial period. However, many buyers prefer to cook the cake themselves, which is also reflected in the demand.

For example, flour bought at 70%, cheese 10%, milk 5%. Sales of baking ingredients grow in 2 times. The demand for wine increases by 7 times. "The interest of buyers to items for Easter from year to year only getting higher, and after it expands the product offer Easter confectionery products.

However, for many of our customers, Easter is associated with the custom to prepare festive table: Easter cakes to bake, cook or make Easter cottage cheese and, of course, painted eggs. Whichever option preparation for the holiday you prefer, BILLA will find everything for the Passover meal – from baking forms and a variety of confectionery decor for ready meals and Easter sets", – says Elena Maltsev, the General Director of BILLA in Russia.




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