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Putin called the agriculture one of the drivers of motion economy
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the workers of agriculture and processing industry with their professional holiday, noting that the agricultural sector has become one of the drivers of movements of the Russian economy, a relevant video greeting posted on the Kremlin website.

"In recent years, the agricultural sector shows an unusual growth. Until recently it seemed that it is impossible that it does not happen in Russia for five years, the growth of agricultural production amounted to 20 percent. Agriculture has become a high-tech industry, has become one of the drivers of movements of the Russian economy. Just last year harvested a record grain crop of 135 million tons," Putin said.

The Russian President also noted that the government will make rural life richer and more interesting. "So that man could realize their plans and their intentions for their best qualities and their talents in their native land", — he added.


Putin also said that he would do everything in order to improve the healthcare, roads and education. "Here, of course, still very much needs to be done, but together with you we will continue forward, to go forward. I am sure that thanks to your talent we will do that," he said.



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Friday, 15 January 2021
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